French Macawrongs

My French Macarons are a bit different than those you may find around town,

but that's what makes them so tasty! As my good friend Jonny says,

"If these are Macawrongs, I don't wanna be right!"

Sold in sets of 6 for $15 plus tax.

Choose from the flavors listed above. Complimentary flavor combinations are listed but

mixing and matching is promoted!

ChocoVanilla swirl w/coffee buttercream

Double Choco swirl w/salted caramel buttercream

ChocoRaspberry swirl w/raspberry buttercream

Matcha w/vanilla chai buttercream

Salted Dark Chocolate w/chocolate buttercream

Coffee w/chocolate buttercream

Raspberry w/chocolate buttercream

Chocolate Mint w/chocolate mint buttercream

Jam Prints

One of the oldest cookie recipes around, these little shortbread treats are made without eggs from a special blend of flours of my own design. A perfect cookie to pair with tea or coffee!


Sold by the batch (40) for $40 plus tax.

Or half a batch (20) for $25 plus tax.  

Oh Snaps!

These holiday favorites are great year round.

My version of this cookie is spicy and chewy, which is

contrary to the usual crisp texture. These ginger snaps are very

complimentary to red wine blends. So order a batch to

add to your cheese boards for wine tastings.

Sold by the batch (40) for $40 plus tax.

Sold by the batch (20) for $25 plus tax.


Finney's Fruity Pies

I was inspired to create this recipe

for a non-cake fan's birthday treat. Strawberry is the recommended berry for this summertime treat,

but it can be made with a blend of

strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Sold individually for $40 plus tax for full sized pie

Also available in mini pie (pielet) which are

sold by the half dozen $25 plus tax